LifterLMS Review: The Best WordPress LMS Plugin?

September 18, 2023

LifterLMS is the go-to learning management system (LMS) for many businesses when it comes to setting up a professional e-earning website in WordPress.

You can get started with LifterLMS for free and upgrade to a premium plan when ready to take things to the next level. LifterLMS is a solid WordPress LMS plugin that’s more than capable of creating high-quality online courses with interactive features.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into LifterLMS’s key features so it’s easier to understand why it’s one of the best WordPress LMS plugins available for course creators and membership site owners.

LifterLMS: Overview

LifterLMS: Overview

LifterLMS offers a one-off solution for brands that want to set up dedicated e-learning sites using WordPress.

LifterLMS offers some of the best features available in LMS plugins that make it a breeze to quickly create and start selling online courses directly from your WordPress site. You can use a single plugin to manage all aspects of your online learning website, even if you’re looking to offer memberships.

LifterLMS is designed for professionals and businesses that want to share their knowledge with audience members but don’t want to get into the technical aspects of creating and running an e-learning site. LifterLMS handles most of the manual work for you and doesn’t require any coding to create professional-looking online courses or memberships.

LifterLMS: Key features

Here, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the main features you can expect to get with the LifterLMS plugin that makes it one of the best WordPress LMS plugins out there.

Extensive online course features

LifterLMS is very easy to use, even if you’re not very tech-savvy or if it’s your first time creating an online course. You have access to a drag-and-drop builder that doesn’t require coding knowledge to create attractive-looking online courses. All you need to do is add content to your lessons, arrange them in the right order, and publish them directly on your WordPress site.

LifterLMS lets you add multiple types of content to your lessons, including images, text, videos, and even audio files. This way, it’s easier to create more interactive and unique-looking online courses that offer a solid learning experience for your students or audience members. You can also create assignments and quizzes and add them to your online courses. This not only helps your students test their knowledge more efficiently but is a great way to motivate more users to complete your online courses and keeps them coming back for more.

LifterLMS: Key features

Additionally, LifterLMS also lets you set up course tracks and award loyal students the most. With course tracks, you can offer students a way to gain special certifications when they complete multiple courses in a specified order. For instance, you can require users to complete the “Level 1” online course first before they start the more advanced “Level 2” online course if they want to earn a special certificate. This way, students who want to earn a special completion certificate will follow the specific order for completing online courses and ultimately absorb more of your brand’s content.

In addition to this, LifterLMS offers a unique Instructional Design feature that guides you in how to organize and structure your online courses for maximum engagement.



Membership functionality

Unlike most LMS solutions, LiferLMS comes pre-built with a lot of membership functionality out of the box so it’s easier to offer subscriptions on your e-learning WordPress site. With LiferLMS, you can set up site-wide membership subscription programs that let users access premium content. You can essentially hide or restrict membership content behind a paywall and only let users or subscribers who pay the membership fee access the premium content on your e-learning site.

Membership functionality

You have multiple options when it comes to restricting content, and LiferLMS gives you full control over how content is offered to your online learners. You can hide content on important membership pages or restrict specific posts based on the subscription status of site visitors. This means regular site visitors will only get to see a preview of the premium content while your loyal subscribers or subscribers will have full access to the premium membership content.

In addition to setting up membership content, you can also offer “members-only” discounts on your e-learning site. This way, you can encourage more users to join your membership program so they can get a discount on their next online course purchase. For instance, members who register for your “loyalty program” membership will get a 5% discount on all online courses. It not only helps your brand generate more revenue but is a great way to create a sense of exclusivity on your e-learning WordPress site.

The platform also lets you set up members-only forums and private group discussion spaces. This is great for membership site owners who want to build a sense of community from the get-go.

Built-in payment system

LifterLMS features a dedicated, built-in payment system that makes it possible for businesses to use a single plugin to manage all aspects of their e-learning site. You can either set a one-time payment or recurring payments for your online courses, along with creating free online courses. This makes it the ideal solution for all types of brands with different goals and requirements.

Built-in payment system

LifterLMS, out of the box, seamlessly integrates with some of the most popular payment systems, such as PayPal, Stripe, and This way, you can start accepting payments from your students or subscribers using reliable payment gateways directly from your WordPress site.

That’s not all; LiferLMS also lets you create course bundles and payment plans to encourage all types of users to subscribe or purchase an online course, even the ones who are not willing to pay a lot. With payment plans, you motivate users who cannot afford to pay a high one-time fee but are still interested in your online course topic. You can let them make payments or spread the fee over a couple of months to encourage them to join your online course without worrying too much about their budget.

Seamless integrations

Any successful e-learning site also requires a lot of advanced features like forms, social elements, and email lists. Fortunately, LifterLMS is designed to work seamlessly with most email marketing services like Mailchimp and ConvertKit. You also have integration support for popular form tools like Ninja Forms and Gravity Forms, which means you can create easy-to-navigate registration and query forms on your e-learning site.

Even if you’re not going to use most of the integrations LifterLMS offers, it’s a useful feature to have when your business grows. Additionally, if you’re not too sure about using any third-party tools and services, LifterLMS also offers a wide range of official premium add-ons that help add more functionality to your online courses.

Gamification features

While improving the learning experience is crucial for the success of any e-learning site, you also need to work on enhancing student engagement. This helps build trust with your audience and encourages them to keep coming back for more.

Gamification features

LifterLMS is well-equipped with some of the most popular gamification features such as course certificates, progress bars, and course achievements, as well as personalized text messages and discussion boards. This allows brands to keep their students engaged and motivated to complete their online courses and earn achievements or rewards. Discussion boards are useful for communicating with your students or subscribers and encourage them to engage with your content in new ways, more than just completing online courses.

LifterLMS: Pricing

LifterLMS core LMS plugin is free to download and use on WordPress sites.

If you want eCommerce add-ons and premium customer support, you will have to subscribe to the Earth Bundle plan that starts at $199 per year. The Universe Bundle, starting at $360 per year, features a premium theme and additional premium LifterLMS add-ons.

The Infinity Bundle, starting at $1,200 per year, is designed for businesses that want all the features and functionality LifterLMS has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is LifterLMS?

A: LifterLMS is a WordPress LMS (Learning Management System) plugin that allows you to create, manage, and sell online courses on your WordPress website.

Q: Is LifterLMS free?

A: LifterLMS offers a free core plugin that includes all the necessary features to create and launch online courses. However, they also offer premium add-ons and integrations that come at an additional cost.

Q: What features does LifterLMS provide?

A: LifterLMS provides a wide range of features that include course management, membership options, content protection, lesson drip content, quizzes and assessments, student progress tracking, gamification, and much more.

Q: Can I sell courses with LifterLMS?

A: Yes, LifterLMS allows you to sell individual courses or create membership plans to provide access to multiple courses. You can set pricing, accept payments, and manage enrollments directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Q: Can I use LifterLMS with any WordPress theme?

A: LifterLMS is compatible with most WordPress themes. However, there may be some themes that are not fully optimized or may require additional customization for seamless integration.

Q: What page builder does LifterLMS support?

A: LifterLMS is compatible with popular page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi Builder, and Gutenberg (WordPress block editor). You can use any of these page builders to design and customize your courses and membership pages.

Q: Are there any add-ons available for LifterLMS?

A: Yes, LifterLMS offers a variety of add-ons to extend the functionality of your LMS. Some popular add-ons include advanced quizzes, certificates, email marketing integrations, an ecommerce add-on, and more.

Q: What makes LifterLMS the best WordPress LMS plugin?

A: LifterLMS provides a comprehensive set of features, ease of use, and integration capabilities with popular WordPress plugins and page builders. It also offers dedicated customer support and regular updates, making it a reliable and powerful choice for creating and selling online courses.

Q: What are the pros and cons of using LifterLMS?

A: The pros of using LifterLMS include its extensive feature set, compatibility with popular plugins and page builders, ability to sell courses and create membership plans, and free core plugin. The cons may include the need for additional paid add-ons for some advanced features and potential compatibility issues with certain themes or plugins.

Q: Is LifterLMS suitable for beginners?

A: Yes, LifterLMS is designed to be user-friendly and suitable for beginners. The intuitive course builder and easy setup process make it accessible to users with little technical knowledge.


LifterLMS is arguably one of the most popular WordPress LMS solutions out there, and it’s for a couple of reasons.

For starters, the intuitive course builder is not only easy to use but also gives you full control over how content is added to your online courses.

You also have dedicated built-in payment system support which means you can easily integrate popular payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe into your e-learning site. This way, you can accept payments from subscribers or learners in the most convenient and secure way for your business.

LifterLMS also supports third-party integrations and offers a wide range of premium add-ons for adding more functionality to your online course or membership site.

The bottom line is that LifterLMS is the perfect tool for you if you want to use a single plugin to manage all aspects of your online course site while making sure your online courses are highly engaging and professional, all without having to touch a single line of code.

What are some of the features you look for in a WordPress LMS plugin for your online course or membership site? Let us know in the comments box below.

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