LearnDash And The Best Add-ons A Detailed Review

March 31, 2024

Top Learndash Add-Ons: Enhance Your Online Courses & User Experience

Online learning has evolved tremendously, and educators constantly seek better methods to manage and customize their eLearning courses. One popular way to do this is through LearnDash – a leading Learning Management System (LMS) for WordPress. With a wide range of plugins and add-ons, LearnDash enables course creators to tailor their content and user experience to provide an ideal learning environment for their students.

LearnDash add-ons can enhance the platform’s functionality by adding features such as gamification, analytics, automation, and e-commerce capabilities. These add-ons give course creators more control over their content and allow learners to access and engage with their courses in an appealing and user-friendly way. Various third-party plugins can also be integrated with LearnDash, further extending the possibilities of what this powerful LMS can offer.

One notable aspect of LearnDash is its compatibility with several add-ons that cater to different needs, such as course reviews, progress bars, and custom layouts. This adaptability allows the course creators to build and maintain an optimal learning experience for their audience.

Key Takeaways

  • LearnDash is a leading LMS for WordPress that offers numerous add-ons and plugins for enhanced functionality and customization.
  • Course creators can provide a tailored learning experience to their users utilizing third-party integrations and user-friendly features.
  • The adaptability and capabilities of LearnDash make it the go-to platform for creating optimal learning experiences.



Memberdash is an add-on that enhances the user experience and functionality of a LearnDash website. This plugin improves the learning management system (LMS) for learners and course creators by providing more customization and automation options.

With Memberdash, course creators can customize the layout and design of their course content, making it more engaging and visually appealing for learners. The plugin allows tables, lists, and other formatting options to present the course material effectively and in a structured manner.

In addition to improving the look and feel of the course content, Memberdash also provides features for group leaders and course administrators. One such feature is the progress bar, which allows learners to track their course progress and serves as a visual cue for administrators to monitor the overall progress of their students.

Another benefit of using Memberdash is integration with eCommerce platforms, enabling course creators to automate the sales process through a user-friendly shopping cart system. By incorporating eCommerce functionality into the LearnDash website, it becomes possible to sell courses directly and scale up the online course business.

One of Memberdash’s most notable features is its gamification features. Administrators can create custom badges for learners upon course completion or other achievements, fostering a sense of competition and motivation. This gamification element helps retain learners and encourages continuous engagement with the course material.



Memberdash also offers course reviews and ratings, allowing learners to share their course feedback. These genuine reviews can help prospective students make informed decisions about enrolling in a course and provide valuable input for course administrators to improve the overall learning experience.

Memberdash is a valuable addition to any LearnDash website. It offers numerous customization, automation, and enhancement features for course creators and learners. By integrating this add-on with LearnDash, course administrators can provide a more engaging and practical learning experience for their students, ultimately driving the success of their online course business.

Prices | $199 | $399 | $799

Design Upgrade

Design Upgrade

The Design Upgrade add-on significantly enhances the visual appeal and user experience of your Learndash website. This robust add-on offers various customization options to give your eLearning platform a fresh, modern look while remaining user-friendly and accessible.

The Design Upgrade add-on allows you to customize the layout of course pages, effectively presenting course content in a visually appealing format. It integrates seamlessly with your existing Learndash setup, ensuring consistency throughout the platform. You can effortlessly edit fonts, colors, and overall styling to match your brand’s identity.

In addition, the Design Upgrade add-on provides improved navigation with learner-friendly interface elements, such as progress bars, course grids, and other interactive components. Moreover, it improves Learndash’s default WordPress design with tailored aesthetics for a more engaging and professional learning environment.

To help you create the perfect learning experience, the Design Upgrade add-on includes pre-designed templates for various content types, such as quizzes, course completion certificates, and learner dashboard pages. These templates can be customized to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Finally, Design Upgrade provides better mobile compatibility with its built-in responsive design. This ensures that your Learndash website looks great on various devices, augmenting user experience no matter how they access your online courses.

Prices | $29 | $39 | $49

Visual Customizer

Visual Customizer

The Visual Customizer is a must-have add-on for all LearnDash users who wish to enhance their learning website’s aesthetics and overall user experience. This remarkable tool offers various customization options, allowing course creators to adjust the site’s look and feel quickly.

Customize your course layouts: One of Visual Customizer’s primary benefits is its ability to create unique course layouts. Course creators can choose from different layout options to ensure their online course materials are visually appealing and accessible to their learners.

Refine your dashboard design: This add-on allows users to improve their appearance and functionality. Bold and intuitive dashboards can help learners stay organized, navigate between courses, and track their progress more effectively.

Implement progress bars and gamification elements: The Visual Customizer integrates with LearnDash’s built-in gamification features to offer a more engaging learning experience. Course creators can incorporate progress bars, badges, and other gamification elements to motivate and keep students on track.

The following table highlights some of the key attributes that set the Visual Customizer add-on apart:

Feature Description
Layout Customization Provides options for designing the course layout that best suits your audience’s needs.
Dashboard Design Enhances the user experience with functional and visually appealing dashboards.
Gamification Elements Engages learners via progress bars, badges, and other interactive features.

In summary, the Visual Customizer is an indispensable tool for LearnDash users who want to customize the appearance and usability of their learning websites. This robust add-on empowers course creators to tailor their sites to their audience’s needs, resulting in a more visually attractive and engaging learner experience.

Prices | Unlimited $69 | Professional $39 | Hobbyist $29

LearnDash Groups Plus

LearnDash Groups Plus

LearnDash Groups Plus is a powerful add-on that enhances the group management functionality in your LearnDash LMS. It provides an easy-to-use interface for managing group leaders, assignments, and course progress. The add-on seamlessly integrates with the existing LearnDash features, providing a reliable and efficient solution for managing large numbers of learners at once.

One major advantage of the LearnDash Groups Plus add-on is the ability to automate learners’ assignments to groups. You can create rules for automatic enrolment based on various criteria, such as user roles, registration dates, or even specific course purchases. This automation helps save time and provides a streamlined user experience for learners and group leaders.

In addition to automation, LearnDash Groups Plus allows for in-depth reporting on various aspects of group performance. Group leaders have access to detailed reports regarding:

  • Course Progress
  • Quiz performance
  • Assignment submissions
  • Learner engagement

These reports can be exported in CSV format for further analysis, making tracking individual and group progress easy. Additionally, the add-on offers individualized learning paths for each group member. This helps customize the learning experience, ensuring that each student receives the appropriate level of instruction for their needs.

Another critical feature of LearnDash Groups Plus is the ability to integrate with other plugins and add-ons. For example, you can use it with popular e-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads to sell group memberships or with popular email marketing plugins like Mailchimp to manage communication between group leaders and learners.

LearnDash Groups Plus is a valuable addition to any LearnDash website. Enhanced group management options, automation, reporting, customization, and integration capabilities enable you to create a more efficient and effective learning environment for your online courses.

Prices $49 | $99 | $199

Uncanny Groups For LearnDash

Uncanny Groups For LearnDash

Uncanny Groups for LearnDash is a powerful and essential add-on for any LearnDash website that aims to offer a seamless and efficient group management experience. The plugin streamlines group creation, automation, and progress tracking, simplifying the process for group leaders and learners.

The add-on allows group leaders to create and manage courses for their respective groups, catering to different learning objectives and schedules. Thus, group leaders gain substantial control over course content and can tailor classes for a more personalized learning experience.

Uncanny Groups for LearnDash offer a range of attractive features aimed at improving the overall user experience:

  • Customizable Dashboard: This provides a clean and user-friendly dashboard for group leaders, allowing them to track each learner’s progress within the group. This helps identify areas for improvement and enhance learning outcomes.

  • Integrate with E-commerce: It seamlessly integrates with popular e-commerce solutions, such as WooCommerce, enabling group leaders to sell courses online and manage transactions easily.

  • Automate Group Leader Assignment: The add-on supports automation, allowing users to assign group leaders based on a predefined set of rules. This eliminates the need for manual intervention and saves valuable time.

  • Progress Bar and Gamification: Uncanny Groups for LearnDash encourage learner engagement by incorporating progress bars and gamification elements such as badges and leaderboards. These features motivate learners to stay on track and complete courses.

In conclusion, Uncanny Groups for LearnDash is a valuable addition for website administrators and group leaders seeking to streamline their online learning management systems. By integrating this plugin with LearnDash, they can create a more effective, organized, and user-friendly e-learning environment, ultimately providing the perfect e-learning experience for learners.

Prices $399 | $499 | $799

Uncanny Automator

Uncanny Automator

Uncanny Automator is a powerful and versatile add-on that integrates seamlessly with LearnDash to help automate various tasks and processes in your Learning Management System (LMS). This user-friendly plugin allows you to create custom automation and triggers, leading to a more efficient e-learning experience for course creators and learners.

Some benefits of using Uncanny Automator alongside your LearnDash LMS include:

  • Automation: It allows you to create time-saving automations and workflows based on specific user actions or course-related events, such as course completion, quiz scores, or group leader activities.

  • Personalized User Experience: Automating tasks can offer your learners a more tailored and engaging experience. For example, you can automatically enroll a student in a specific course or send personalized notifications and certificates upon completion.

  • Ecommerce Integrations: Uncanny Automator is compatible with various ecommerce plugins, such as WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads. This allows seamless integration and automation of payment processing and shopping cart functionalities in your LearnDash course marketplace.

  • Third-Party Compatibility: The plugin is designed to work with LearnDash and other popular WordPress plugins, making it an excellent solution for consolidating your website operations.

To further enhance your Learndash website, consider utilizing the following features provided by the Uncanny Automator add-on:

  1. Recipes: This feature helps you create automation tasks based on triggers and actions. Recipes can be simple (one trigger, one action), or more complex (multiple triggers, multiple actions).

  2. Triggers: Triggers include actions such as a user logging in, starting a course, or completing a quiz. These triggers can be used to initiate custom automation in your LMS.

  3. Actions: Actions are the automated tasks that occur in response to the defined triggers. Examples include emailing, enrolling in a course, or awarding a badge.

Incorporating the Uncanny Automator add-on into your LearnDash website allows you to streamline processes, improve user experiences, and create a more engaging and efficient e-learning environment.



SureTriggers is a powerful add-on for LearnDash that allows users to automate various processes related to course management. This user-friendly plugin enables course administrators to create custom triggers based on specific learner actions, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient learning management system.

Some noteworthy features of SureTriggers include:

  • Automated emails: You can configure emails to be sent automatically to learners, group leaders, or administrators based on specific triggers, such as course completion, quiz success, or enrollment.

  • Progress bar: This feature enables the display of a progress bar on a student’s dashboard, providing a visual representation of their course progress.

  • Gamification: Enhance learner engagement by granting badges and rewards upon completing specific milestones or course achievements.

  • Customizable triggers: SureTriggers allows LearnDash users to create custom triggers tailored to their needs, further enhancing the learning experience.

To help understand the functionality of this add-on, let’s consider the following scenario:

  1. A student enrolls in an online course.
  2. An automated email is sent to the students, welcoming them and providing essential course details.
  3. The student completes a module.
  4. They receive an email congratulating them on their progress and providing information on the next module.
  5. At the end of the course, the student receives a congratulatory email and a certificate of completion.

With SureTriggers integrated into a LearnDash LMS, course administrators can automate these steps, enhancing the learner experience while reducing manual tasks. This add-on is compatible with other popular LearnDash plugins and follows all guidelines for efficient WordPress LMS design and functionality. Its ease of use and customizability make it a valuable addition to any LearnDash website, aiming to provide the perfect e-learning experience.



WP-Fusion is a powerful plugin that seamlessly integrates your WordPress site with popular CRM and marketing automation tools. This add-on enhances Learndash’s functionality by offering a better user experience and automating various tasks.

Features and Benefits

Learndash users can benefit from WP-Fusion’s broad array of features complementing the LMS plugin. Some notable capabilities include:

  • Contact synchronization: WP-Fusion syncs user data from your WordPress site, allowing you to monitor, interact with, and manage your Learndash learners from your preferred CRM or marketing platform.

  • Intelligent tagging: WP-Fusion assigns learners tags based on their interactions with your courses, such as enrollment, course completion, or quiz scores. This feature helps you segment users, target them with personalized offers, and provide tailored content for enhanced learning experiences.

  • Access control: With WP-Fusion, you can restrict or grant access to specific course content based on the user’s profile and interaction with your LMS system, resulting in a better user experience.

  • Ecommerce integration: WP-Fusion works seamlessly with ecommerce plugins such as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and more, allowing you to sell courses and automate processes such as user enrollment and course access.

Enhancing Learndash with WP-Fusion

The integration process with Learndash is straightforward and does not require complicated coding or setup. Install and activate the WP-Fusion plugin on your WordPress site to get started. Next, connect your preferred CRM or marketing automation platform. WP-Fusion supports over 30 platforms, such as HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, etc.

Once connected, WP-Fusion’s settings allow you to configure the automation and tagging rules to suit your specific needs. For instance, you can create rules based on course enrollment, completion, or quiz results. You can also apply selective course access and configure e-commerce settings if necessary.

By integrating WP-Fusion with Learndash, you can effectively streamline a wide range of tasks and deliver a tailored learning experience that resonates with your target audience. Automation’s power can save time, boost learner engagement, improve user retention, and ultimately contribute to the success of your online courses.

Prices | Personal $247 | Plus $347 | Professional $540

LearnDash Essential WISDM Addon Bundles

LearnDash Essential WISDM Addon Bundles

The LearnDash Essential WISDM Addon Bundles are designed to enhance the functionality and user experience of your LearnDash-powered eLearning site. The bundle has several famous and influential add-ons, making it easy to customize and manage your online courses. It comprises of:

  1. WISDM Ratings, Reviews, and Feedback: This add-on allows learners to post genuine reviews and ratings, which can help users make informed decisions before enrolling in any course.

  2. WISDM Instructor Role: This expands your site’s capabilities by allowing you to add multiple instructors who can manage and create their courses, thus making your eLearning platform even more versatile.

  3. WISDM Reports for LearnDash: Provides detailed reports for course and student progress and individual insights to help track and optimize the learning experience.

  4. WISDM Course Scheduler: This add-on helps you efficiently schedule courses, making them available for enrollment only during specific periods and maximizing their impact.

  5. WISDM Content Cloner: Streamlines the course creation process by allowing you to duplicate courses, making it easier to reuse and customize existing course content.

Compatibility with LearnDash: All these add-ons are fully compatible with LearnDash, ensuring seamless integration and performance.

To get the most out of LearnDash, the Essential WISDM Addon Bundle is highly recommended. It provides added functionalities and user-friendly features and provides an intuitive and engaging learning experience for instructors and learners.

Prices | $99 | $218 | $320

Wisdm Reports For LearnDash

Wisdm Reports For LearnDash

Wisdm Reports for LearnDash is an essential add-on for users seeking comprehensive course and student performance insights. This plugin offers valuable reporting and analytics, enabling course creators and administrators to make data-driven decisions to improve their learning offerings.

One key feature of Wisdm Reports for LearnDash is its user-friendly and customizable dashboard. This allows users to view crucial data about their courses and students at a glance. The dashboard can display course progress, engagement rates, and student performance, giving users an in-depth understanding of how their courses are received.

In addition to the visual dashboard, the plugin provides detailed Reports through tables and charts for better monitoring and tracking of courses and students. This includes data related to course enrollment, progress, completions, and instructor performance. Users can filter these reports based on specific criteria, like the date, course, group, or user.

The Wisdom Reports for LearnDash add-on also simplifies the Export process. Generated reports can be easily exported in CSV or PDF formats, allowing further analysis or data sharing with colleagues. This seamless export feature conveniently integrates with course and student management workflows.

Moreover, Wisdm Reports for LearnDash enables Group Leader Access, allowing designated leaders to monitor and track progress within their assigned groups. Thus, group leaders can provide targeted support to their members by staying informed about individual progress and course engagement levels.

In conclusion, Wisdm Reports for LearnDash is an invaluable asset for any LearnDash website seeking to optimize online courses and learner experience. Its user-friendly interface and wide range of features make it the ideal companion to the LearnDash core plugin, allowing you to enhance further and perfect your learning venture.

Prices | Starter $150 | Business $225 | Agency $275



LoginPress is a WordPress plugin that allows you to customize the default login page. With LoginPress, you can create a more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing login experience for your Learndash users. This plugin works seamlessly with various WordPress LMS plugins, including Learndash, creating a more cohesive learning environment.

Some of the key features offered by LoginPress are:

  • Custom Login Logo: Replace the default WordPress logo with your e-learning website’s logo for better branding and recognition.
  • Login Form Style: You can customize the look and feel of the login form, including colors, backgrounds, and form field styles.
  • Login Page Templates: Choose from various pre-built templates to create a unique login page that matches the design of your e-learning website.
  • Social Login Integration: Allow learners to log in using their social media accounts to access your course content more easily.

Using LoginPress with Learndash has several benefits, such as:

  1. Increased User Engagement: By providing a more customized and visually appealing login experience, learners are more likely to engage with your course content.
  2. Improved Security: LoginPress offers security enhancements, such as limiting login attempts and helping protect your Learndash site from unauthorized access.
  3. Better Branding: Customizing the login page to match your e-learning website’s overall design contributes to a more cohesive and professional appearance.

In summary, LoginPress is a valuable addition to your Learndash site. It offers an improved login experience and seamless integration with your online learning environment. With various customizable features, this plugin allows you to tailor the login page to suit your unique e-learning website and learner needs.

Prices | Personal $79 | Startup $149 | Business $299 | Agency $499

WooNINJAS – LifterLMS All Access Pass


The WooNINJAS – LifterLMS All Access Pass is an excellent option for those seekingWooNINJAS - LifterLMS All Access Pass a comprehensive solution to manage their online courses. This all-in-one package provides users with high-quality learner experiences while keeping management tasks to a minimum.

In this package, you can expect to find an integrated e-commerce platform to promote and sell your courses effectively. This includes a seamless checkout experience, multiple payment gateways, and simple tax calculations. Additionally, you can create numerous course memberships, offering learners access to courses based on their preferences and learning objectives.

This all-access pass makes it easy for content creators to customize and manage course content. This is possible thanks to the following features:

  • A course builder for quickly creating and editing courses
  • Drag-and-drop course templates for quick customizations
  • A quiz builder with various question types and settings
  • Progress tracking for courses and quizzes

Moreover, the WooNINJAS All Access Pass offers students a more personalized and engaging learning experience. Examples of valuable features include:

  • Gamification through badges, certificates, and points
  • Social learning with features like forums and groups
  • Customized dashboards for tracking progress and achievements
  • Course progression control via prerequisites and drip-fed content

This LMS solution is user-friendly and reliable, designed to integrate with WordPress seamlessly. Combined with responsive, mobile-friendly designs and rich documentation, the LifterLMS All Access Pass simplifies the process of building and managing your online courses.

Prices | $699

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is LearnDash, and why is it popular?

A: LearnDash is a popular WordPress LMS plugin that allows you to create and sell online courses. It is known for its user-friendly interface and robust features that make it easy for anyone to create interactive eLearning courses.

Q: What are the best add-ons available for LearnDash?

A: Some of the best LearnDash add-ons include Design Upgrade Pro, Tin Canny LearnDash Reporting, Course Grid, and WisdmLabs. These add-ons enhance the functionality and user experience of your LearnDash courses.

Q: How can I use LearnDash to create quizzes?

A: LearnDash has built-in quiz functionality, allowing you to create quizzes for your online courses easily. You can customize quiz settings, question types, and grading options to create engaging quizzes for your learners.

Q: What is Tin Canny LearnDash Reporting, and how does it improve reporting in LearnDash?

A: Tin Canny LearnDash Reporting is an add-on that enhances LearnDash’s reporting capabilities. It provides detailed insights into learner progress, quiz results, and course completion rates, allowing you to track and analyze performance more effectively.

Q: How does LearnDash integrate with WordPress?

A: LearnDash is a WordPress plugin that integrates seamlessly with your WordPress site. You can easily install it and manage your online courses directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Q: What are the critical features of LearnDash that make it the best LMS option?

A: LearnDash offers a range of features such as course creation tools, quiz capabilities, reporting functions, and user management options that make it a top choice for anyone looking to create and sell online courses. Its user-friendly interface and flexibility set it apart from other LMS options.

Q: How can I enhance the eLearning experience using LearnDash?

A: By using add-ons like Design Upgrade Pro, Course Grid, and WisdmLabs, you can enhance the design, layout, and functionality of your LearnDash courses, providing a better eLearning experience for your learners.

Final Thoughts

Learndash is a powerful LMS plugin for WordPress. It offers various features and capabilities to enhance your online courses and learning experience. The platform is customizable and compatible with numerous add-ons, allowing you to tailor it to specific requirements.

Several noteworthy add-ons can significantly improve the functionality of your Learndash website. For instance, the Learndash Course Reviews Add-On allows learners to leave genuine reviews, which can help potential students make informed decisions. Wisdm Reports for Learndash provides comprehensive reports, tracking the progress of the courses and students in one place for easy analysis and decision-making.

Design Upgrade Pro enables you to customize the look and feel of your course pages for a visually appealing, user-friendly layout. Add-ons like BadgeOS and GamiPress can create a leaderboard and award badges if you wish to integrate gamification elements.

Additionally, e-commerce integrations such as WooCommerce allow for building a course marketplace and providing options for a functional shopping cart. This facilitates handling financial aspects, including payments for course enrolment.

To sum up, leveraging the proper Learndash add-ons is crucial to creating the ideal online learning environment that is engaging for the learners and efficient in administration and content management. Ensure you invest in the right combination of plugins and add-ons to design your perfect learning experience, considering your goals, target audience, and requirements.

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