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#1 – WordPress search trends for 2020: amazing for WooCommerce, good for plugins, bad for themes


#2 – Facebook blocks news in Australia over government’s payment rules


#3 – WordPress Contributors Discuss Scaling Back Releases: “4 Major Releases Is Not a Viable Plan in 2021”


#4 – Edgenuity’s software wasn’t meant for a pandemic. That didn’t stop some school districts.


#5 – WP Feedback Rebrands To Atarim, Moves To a Full SaaS Model


#6 – How the Pandemic Stoked a Backlash to Multilevel Marketing


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Spencer Formanhttps://www.fast.co/
Vito Peleg: https://infiniteuploads.com/
John James Jacoby: https://github.com/nasa/fprime
John James Jacoby: https://twitter.com/home
John James Jacoby: https://easydigitaldownloads.com/development/2021/02/16/edd-3-0-beta1/
Jonathan: Ultimate Templates Cloud For WordPress: https://templately.com/

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Every Friday at 8:30 am PST we have a great and hard-hitting round-table show with a group of WordPress developers, online business owners and WordPress junkies where we discuss the latest and most interesting WordPress and online articles/stories of the week. You can also watch the show LIVE every Friday at 8:30 am PST on our Facebook WP-Tonic Show page. https://www.facebook.com/wptonic/

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