LifterLMS Review Features, Pros & Cons, Really Worth it?

September 1, 2023

Are you wondering whether investing in LifterLMS is a smart move?

In recent years, the need for effective online learning platforms has risen tremendously, and with it came the development of various Learning Management Systems (LMS). LifterLMS is one such platform that garners attention for its ability to enable users to create and sell courses directly from their WordPress websites. While there are several other LMS platforms available, it is important to analyze LifterLMS and its features, pros, and cons to determine whether it is truly worth investing in for your e-learning needs in 2023.

LifterLMS is praised for its compatibility with multiple website builders, themes, and plugins, as well as for offering a user-friendly interface and an impressive set of features. However, like any system, it isn’t perfect, and users need to weigh its value against potential drawbacks, such as pricing and support. By evaluating key elements such as the system’s key features, the needs of new users, and comparisons with other LMS platforms like LearnDash and Kajabi, we aim to offer a comprehensive overview to help you make an informed decision.

Key Takeaways

  • LifterLMS offers a user-friendly platform for creating and selling courses on WordPress websites.
  • It is crucial to consider its features, ease of use, and pricing when comparing it to other LMS platforms.
  • New users need to understand the LifterLMS system’s capabilities and potential drawbacks before investing in the platform.

What Are LifterLMS’s Key Features?

LifterLMS is a popular Learning Management System (LMS) plugin designed to help users create engaging online courses using WordPress. It comes with a plethora of features that cater to the various needs of course creators, students, and instructors. Let’s delve into the key features that make LifterLMS stand out from other LMS plugins:

Course Creation and Management: LifterLMS allows users to create multimedia lessons with various content types, such as text, images, video, and audio. Course creators can easily organize and manage their modules using the drag-and-drop functionality and can develop course completion certificates to award their successful students.

Student Profiles and Front-end Login: With LifterLMS, students can create personalized profiles showcasing their achievements, course progress, and certificates. Moreover, the plugin provides a clean, user-friendly front-end login system, making the sign-in process seamless for students.

Memberships and Access Control: This LMS plugin enables course creators to set up multiple membership levels, granting access to specific content and features based on the user’s membership level. This can be instrumental in creating exclusive content for premium members and offering additional resources for students who have paid for particular subscriptions.

Analytics and Reporting: LifterLMS comes with built-in tracking and analytic tools, allowing course creators to monitor student progress, membership orders, and refunds. This data can be vital for improving course quality and providing better support to students.

Mobile Responsiveness: The plugin ensures a seamless learning experience for students across various devices by offering a mobile-responsive interface. This enables students to access course materials and engage with the content from their smartphones and tablets with ease.

Coupons and Promotions: To help course creators attract new students and boost sales, LifterLMS supports the creation of custom coupons and promotional codes. This way, students can enjoy discounts on selected courses, enhancing their user experience and promoting your courses effectively.

In summary, LifterLMS’s combination of powerful features and intuitive usability makes it a compelling choice for anyone looking to build and manage successful online courses through WordPress.

Key Things New Users of LifterLMS Need To Understand

LifterLMS is a WordPress plugin that offers a comprehensive learning management system (LMS) for online course delivery. As a new user, there are a few key features and concepts you should familiarize yourself with to make the most of LifterLMS.



Firstly, the core plugin is free to use, but certain additional features and functionalities come with the paid bundles, starting from $149/year. This flexibility allows you to start with the basics and scale up as your online learning platform grows.

Installation and activation of LifterLMS is quite simple. You can follow the official documentation to install and activate the plugin on your WordPress website:

After installing the plugin, you have to activate your license key. The guide on how to do this can be found here: . Activating your license is crucial for receiving automatic updates and support.

LifterLMS allows for customization and compatibility with a wide range of WordPress themes. You can either integrate the plugin with your existing theme or build a new one specifically for your online learning portal. The plugin also supports various third-party tools, making it easier to create a seamless learning experience for your students.

The Student Dashboard is an essential feature of LifterLMS, allowing your students to view their course progress, enroll in new courses, and access their account settings. As a new user, it’s crucial to understand how to set up and configure the Student Dashboard to provide a smooth user experience for your learners.

The LifterLMS Knowledge Base offers valuable resources, including tutorials, guides, and troubleshooting tips, to help you get started and make the most of the plugin’s features:. You can refer to the Knowledge Base whenever you need assistance or clarification on any aspect of LifterLMS.

Lastly, remember that LifterLMS is constantly evolving, and the developers are always working to improve its features and capabilities. So, keep an eye on updates and new features to stay ahead of the curve and ensure the success of your online learning platform.

Significant Differences Between LifterLMS and LearnDash

When comparing LifterLMS and LearnDash, several key differences come into play. While both platforms offer powerful features, some aspects may make one option more suitable for specific course creators and educators.

Pricing and Plans: LearnDash pricing is relatively more affordable, with a more straightforward explanation of costs. It provides three pricing tiers, making it easier for users to choose the plan that fits their needs. Conversely, LifterLMS is more expensive but has a free plan available for users. This free plan can be beneficial for those starting out and offering free courses.

Interface: The user interface for LearnDash is popular for being more intuitive and easy to use. This simplicity is appealing to many users as it allows them to focus more on course creation, rather than navigating the platform. LifterLMS, on the other hand, has an advanced support center that may prove more valuable to those who require extensive support and resources but may seem slightly less intuitive for some users.

Payment Integrations: LifterLMS offers WooCommerce integration, allowing course creators to accept various payment methods for their courses. LearnDash, in contrast, provides payment options limited to PayPal. Depending on your target audience and desired payment methods, this could be an essential factor in choosing between the two platforms.

Features: Both LearnDash and LifterLMS offer a wide array of features for creating, managing, and selling courses. However, there may be some differences in their specific offerings. It is crucial for potential users to carefully review each platform’s features to determine which one better suits their needs.

In summary, LifterLMS and LearnDash have distinct differences in pricing, interface, payment integrations, and feature offerings. These differences should be carefully considered when deciding which LMS platform is an ideal fit for your needs as a course creator.

What Are The Best LifterLMS Add-ons?

LifterLMS offers a variety of add-ons to enhance the functionality of its core plugin, making it even more powerful and feature-rich. Here are some of the best and most popular add-ons for LifterLMS:

  1. LifterLMS WooCommerce Integration: This add-on allows you to integrate your LifterLMS courses with WooCommerce, one of the leading e-commerce platforms for selling online. With this integration, you can create a seamless buying experience for your students and sell your courses as WooCommerce products.

  2. LifterLMS Advanced Quizzes: Enhance the learning experience for your students with this add-on. It expands the built-in quiz functionality in LifterLMS, enabling you to create more complex quizzes with a variety of question types like multiple choice, true/false, and essay questions.

  3. LifterLMS Private Areas: This add-on creates a private space for each student within your LMS, where instructors can have one-on-one discussions and offer personalized feedback. These private areas allow for more personalized learning experiences and better student engagement.

  4. LifterLMS Assignments: This add-on allows you to create and manage assignments for your courses. You can create assignments with specific instructions, due dates, and grading rubrics to give your students a more structured learning experience.

  5. LifterLMS Social Learning: Encourage a sense of community and interaction among your students with this add-on. It adds a social media-style interface to your LMS, where students can post updates, comment, and like others’ posts. This encourages a level of peer-to-peer engagement that can lead to better learning outcomes.

  6. LifterLMS Groups: This add-on allows you to create and manage group memberships. You can offer group discounts, assign group leaders, and provide group reporting. It’s especially useful for businesses or educational institutions that want to manage multiple students or staff members.

These add-ons can significantly improve the overall experience for both students and course creators. By incorporating these features into your LifterLMS platform, you can create a more robust, engaging, and effective online learning environment.

Comparing LifterLMS to Kajabi?

When comparing LifterLMS and Kajabi, it’s important to evaluate their unique offerings and decide which of the two will better suit your specific needs. LifterLMS is a WordPress Learning Management System (LMS) plugin, while Kajabi is a standalone platform for creating and selling online courses.

LifterLMS provides a comprehensive solution for individuals or organizations planning to build an online course utilizing WordPress. Some of its key features include:

  • Easy integration with any well-coded WordPress theme, block, or major page builder
  • A 4.7-star rating and thousands of active users
  • Affordable pricing options for different budgets

LifterLMS is a strong choice for those who are already familiar with WordPress and want to create a more customized learning experience. It started in 2014 and has established itself as an industry benchmark for WordPress LMS plugins.

On the other hand, Kajabi offers an all-in-one platform for course creators. Some distinguishing features include:

  • Comprehensive tools for creating, marketing, and selling online courses
  • Easy-to-use interface for individuals with minimal technical knowledge
  • A wide range of built-in templates and design options

Kajabi is best suited for those who prefer an all-inclusive learning management system and want to manage their entire course from a single platform. It is often chosen by entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals looking to share their knowledge online.

In summary, LifterLMS and Kajabi differ in various aspects, from their setup and integration to their pricing and user experience. Each solution has its strengths and fits certain user needs. While LifterLMS works well for those who prefer a customizable, WordPress-based LMS plugin, Kajabi provides a more streamlined, all-in-one solution for non-technical users. The choice between them ultimately depends on individual preferences and requirements.

Pricing Options

LifterLMS offers a variety of pricing plans for different user needs, including a free core plugin that provides basic e-learning functionalities. However, to access more advanced features like payment integrations and premium support, one needs to opt for paid plans or purchase individual extensions.

When considering LifterLMS, keep in mind that the free core plugin is a great starting point but might be limiting in terms of full functionality. For users looking to make the most of the platform, it is essential to explore the pricing options further.

There are a few different paid plans available, which offer varying features:

  • The Universal Plan includes the LifterLMS core plugin, along with features like WooCommerce integration, support for one website, and an option for recurring payments. This plan is tailored for those starting an online course website on a budget.
  • The Pro Plan offers more advanced features such as content dripping, support for up to three websites, dedicated integrations with Stripe, PayPal, and, and priority support channels. This plan is suitable for users who are planning to expand their online course offerings and need more advanced tools.
  • The Infinity Bundle is the most comprehensive option, providing access to all features, unlimited website support, and access to all future add-ons released by LifterLMS. This plan is ideal for users who want to build a full-fledged online learning platform with extensive functionality.

Each plan differs in terms of pricing, with the Universal Plan being the most affordable, followed by the Pro Plan, and the Infinity Bundle being the most expensive option. It is important to compare each plan’s features and pricing to determine which one best aligns with your requirements.

Note that some users find the overall cost of extensions to be relatively high, especially if opting for individual purchases. However, the consensus is that LifterLMS offers great price-performance value, particularly when choosing one of the paid plans. Remember to think about your specific needs and business goals when evaluating the different pricing options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the main features of LifterLMS in 2023?

LifterLMS offers a variety of features to create and sell online courses directly from your WordPress website. It is compatible with different builders, themes, and plugins and has an interactive course builder to construct course modules quickly. Some key features include advanced quizzes and assignments, private coaching, social learning, advanced video options, custom fields, and group features.

Q: What are the pros of using LifterLMS?

Users benefit from the free core plugin, enabling them to create and offer courses with no charge. It is user-friendly and comes with extensive features and integrations. Additionally, LifterLMS has a supportive community as well as great customer service and developer resources, making it a solid choice for building your online courses.

Q: What are the cons of using LifterLMS?

Some cons of LifterLMS include expensive extensions, lack of a modern front-end design, and potential performance issues on larger sites. To gain access to payment gateways like, PayPal, Stripe, and WooCommerce, users have to purchase them separately for $99 each.

Q: How does LifterLMS compare to other platforms like LearnPress?

LifterLMS and LearnPress are both popular learning management systems for WordPress. While LifterLMS offers an extensive range of features and extensions in its Infinity Bundle, LearnPress is often considered more budget-friendly and has a bigger selection of free add-ons. Comparing the two platforms, LifterLMS is more focused on advanced features and business growth, whereas LearnPress is geared towards just providing essential course functions.

Q: Is LifterLMS a free or paid platform?

LifterLMS has a freemium model, meaning you can enjoy the core plugin for free, which is sufficient for building basic courses. However, to access its advanced features and payment gateways, you’ll need to purchase extensions or upgrade to a paid plan, such as the Infinity Bundle, which includes additional features and integrations.

Q: Do the benefits of LifterLMS outweigh its costs?

The benefits of LifterLMS may outweigh the costs depending on your individual needs and goals. If you require advanced features, integrations, and scalability, LifterLMS’s paid packages can provide great value. However, for users seeking a more cost-effective alternative with essential course functionalities, the free version might be sufficient. Ultimately, the decision rests on the user’s specific requirements and financial constraints.

Q: What is LifterLMS?

A: LifterLMS is a learning management system (LMS) plugin for WordPress that allows you to create and sell online courses.

Q: Is LifterLMS free?

A: While LifterLMS does offer a free plugin, there are also premium versions available with additional features and support.

Q: What are the notable features of LifterLMS?

A: LifterLMS offers a drag-and-drop course builder that allows you to easily create and manage your course content. It also includes access plans, quizzes, assignments, and student engagement features.

Q: Is LifterLMS worth the money?

A: LifterLMS is considered one of the best WordPress LMS plugins available, offering a wide range of features and integrations. Whether it’s worth the money depends on your specific needs and budget.

Q: Are there any alternatives to LifterLMS?

A: Yes, there are other LMS plugins available for WordPress such as LearnDash, Sensei, and Teachable.

Q: How does LifterLMS pricing work?

A: LifterLMS offers different pricing plans, including a free version with limited features and premium plans with additional features and support.

Q: Can I sell courses with LifterLMS?

A: Yes, LifterLMS allows you to easily create and sell online courses through your WordPress website.

Q: Does LifterLMS have a coupon or discount available?

A: LifterLMS occasionally offers coupons or discounts. You can check their website or sign up for their newsletter to stay updated on any promotions.

Q: What makes LifterLMS different from other LMS plugins?

A: LifterLMS stands out with its drag-and-drop course builder, extensive features for student engagement, and seamless integration with WordPress.

Q: Can I use LifterLMS with any WordPress theme?

A: LifterLMS is compatible with most WordPress themes, but it’s always recommended to check the compatibility before making a decision.

Final Thoughts

LifterLMS is a versatile and feature-rich learning management system plugin for WordPress. It offers users the ability to create, manage, and sell their own courses with ease. The 2023 reviews highlight the straightforward setup process and compatibility with numerous third-party applications. In addition, great support for video content makes it an attractive option for online course creators.

The core plugin is available for free, but for those who wish to sell their courses or access more advanced features, there are paid options available. The Infinity Bundle, for example, costs $1200 per year and supports unlimited sites with advanced features such as quizzes, assignments, private coaching, social learning, and more.

Some users have mentioned that the support, while generally good, can sometimes seem technical and impersonal. However, the large number of positive reviews indicates that this could potentially be a minor issue for most users.

When it comes to course building and student management, LifterLMS has various features to offer, such as drag-and-drop course builders and compatibility with Beaver Builder and Divi. The plugin also offers a progression bar, which helps users monitor their course completion progress.

Overall, LifterLMS is a valuable tool for online course creators, with a wide range of features and options. Its user-friendly design and extensive capabilities make it a strong contender for anyone looking to create and sell their courses in 2023.

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