Omnisend WooCommerce Plugin a Full Review For 2024

March 3, 2024


A constant question in working online as a creator, in addition to the actual project, is how do you market the project? Omnisend steps in as a great marketing tool to help you optimize your efforts. There are huge differences in the reactions to email and text. Open rates and time to open vary greatly. The good news is that Omnisend lets you address both in a straightforward intuitive way. Jonathan breaks it down for you here. 


Omnisend WooCommerce 2024: Revolutionizing Email & SMS Marketing for Ecommerce Stores

Omnisend offers seamless integration with WooCommerce, allowing store owners to efficiently manage email and SMS marketing campaigns. As a marketing automation platform, it comes with pre-built workflows and customizable templates, enabling merchants to create effective, high-converting email campaigns tailored to their target audience.

The plugin covers various marketing automation requirements, from abandoned cart reminders to advanced omnichannel marketing strategies. With a user-friendly dashboard and excellent customer support, Omnisend empowers businesses to create a powerful marketing strategy tailored to their WooCommerce store’s unique needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Omnisend is a comprehensive email marketing plugin for WooCommerce, designed to help ecommerce businesses quickly boost their online sales.
  • The plugin offers seamless integration, customizable templates, and powerful marketing automation features, making it an essential tool for WooCommerce store owners.
  • Omnisend’s user-friendly dashboard and helpful customer support ensure businesses can build and manage effective email marketing campaigns suited to their store’s needs.

The Reasons Omnisend Is Almost a Must for Email Marketing

The Reasons Omnisend Is Almost a Must for Email Marketing

Omnisend is an all-in-one e-commerce marketing platform that offers a powerful combination of email and SMS marketing for WooCommerce stores. Here are several reasons why Omnisend stands out as an excellent choice for email marketing:

  1. E-commerce Focused: Omnisend is designed for e-commerce businesses, providing tailored features and automation workflows to help online store owners increase revenue and customer engagement.

  2. Automation and Personalization: The platform offers a wide range of marketing automation options, such as abandoned cart reminders, personalized product recommendations, and targeted discounts. This allows businesses to customize email marketing strategies according to customer preferences and actions.

  3. Easy Integration: The Omnisend WordPress plugin is simple to install and seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce stores. This ensures a smooth, hassle-free setup for users, with minimal technical knowledge required.

  4. User-Friendly Interface: Omnisend’s intuitive and user-friendly dashboard design enables store owners to easily create and manage their email marketing campaigns directly from the WordPress dashboard.

  5. Free Plan and Migration Package: Omnisend offers a free plan, allowing users to test its features before committing to a premium subscription. They also provide a generous free migration package for those who switch from their current email marketing platform.

  6. High-Quality Templates: With Omnisend, store owners can access an extensive library of professionally designed email templates suitable for different use cases, which makes it easier to create visually appealing and engaging emails for their customers.

  7. SMS Marketing Features: In addition to email, Omnisend also offers SMS marketing capabilities, allowing businesses to expand their reach and engage with customers through multiple channels.

Incorporating Omnisend into your WooCommerce store’s email marketing strategy can help you improve your customer engagement and overall marketing success.



With its focused features, automation workflows, and user-friendly interface, Omnisend is a top choice for e-commerce businesses looking to improve their email marketing game.

Review of Omnisend: Essential Features of the Plugin

Review of Omnisend: Essential Features of the Plugin

Omnisend is an all-in-one e-commerce marketing platform designed for WooCommerce stores, enabling businesses to improve their marketing game. The plugin boasts various valuable features that cater to email and SMS marketing needs, making it a reliable choice for eCommerce businesses.

Email and SMS Marketing: Omnisend supports email and SMS marketing campaigns, allowing companies to reach their audience on multiple platforms. Users can create and send tailored email campaigns to their contacts easily.

Ecommerce Store Integration: The Omnisend plugin integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce stores, simplifying user workflow and automation processes. This plugin allows online stores to enhance their marketing automation and customer relationships.

Abandoned Cart Recovery: One indispensable feature of Omnisend is its abandoned cart recovery tool. If customers leave items in their shopping cart and exit the website, Omnisend will send personalized reminders via email or SMS, encouraging them to complete their purchase.

Templates: Omnisend offers pre-designed templates for different use cases, such as welcome emails, promotional campaigns, and cart recovery messages, which help users save time and effort.

Marketing Automation: Omnisend excels in marketing automation, allowing businesses to set up powerful automation workflows alongside tailored campaigns for their e-commerce store. These workflow automation efficiently engage with the target audience, ensuring the right message is delivered at the right time.

Dashboard: The Omnisend dashboard is user-friendly and intuitive, providing an overview of campaign performance, subscriber growth, and sales data. This feature enables users to make informed decisions and optimize their marketing strategy.

Free Plan: Omnisend offers a free plan for businesses to start exploring its features. Upgrading to a premium version unlocks more advanced features, while a promotional code ONLYWOO provides a 30% discount for three months and a free migration package valued at $1,000.

How Omnisend Works

How Omnisend Works

Omnisend is an all-in-one e-commerce marketing platform designed to help online store owners grow their email and SMS lists, develop marketing automation strategies, and ultimately increase sales. It seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, making it a powerful tool for businesses within the WooCommerce ecosystem.

The platform offers an easy-to-use dashboard that allows business owners to create and manage their marketing campaigns. Users can choose from various templates for different use cases, making building emails, popups, and SMS messages straightforward and fast—the intuitive builder and pre-built templates further aid in creating compelling content.

Omnisend’s marketing automation features include a visual workflow builder, simplifying designing targeted campaigns. This includes creating personalized email and SMS campaigns, sending sequential emails, and automating the entire marketing strategy. Users can also set up abandoned cart automation to recover lost sales.

In addition to email marketing, Omnisend incorporates SMS marketing features directly within the platform. This eliminates the need for an additional SMS marketing tool, as businesses can send SMS messages manually or configure automated campaigns with custom triggers.

To enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, Omnisend offers various advanced features like segmentation, conditional logic, and dynamic content. These features help send relevant and personalized content to customers, improving their shopping experience. The platform also supports various forms, including sign-up and popup forms, to help grow the email and SMS lists.

Omnisend provides detailed analytics to help users understand the performance of their campaigns. Metrics such as open rate, click rate, and sales from specific campaigns can be easily tracked within the dashboard.

The Key Features of Omnisend

The Key Features of Omnisend

Email Builder With Omnisend’s Drag-And-Drop Feature

One of the critical features of Omnisend is its intuitive drag-and-drop email builder. This feature allows users to create visually appealing and responsive email templates without coding knowledge. With a host of pre-built templates and customization options, users can design emails that match their brand and resonate with their customer base. The intuitive interface makes it simple for even novice users to build, test, and deploy their unique email campaigns. The Email Builder is an essential component of the Omnisend email marketing platform.

Automated Marketing Using Omnisend

Omnisend excels in its marketing automation capabilities. Users can create targeted and personalized email and SMS marketing campaigns by leveraging advanced automation workflows. Omnisend offers comprehensive automation features such as ‘Abandoned Cart,’ ‘Welcome Series,’ ‘Post-Purchase Follow-Up,’ and ‘Customer Re-Activation.’ Users can save time and resources by setting up automated campaigns that help them engage with their audience, recover lost sales, and nurture customer loyalty.

In addition to its automation workflows, Omnisend also provides robust segmentation options. This enables users to send highly relevant content to specific customer groups, resulting in better engagement and increased conversion rates. Omnisend’s e-commerce marketing automation empowers WooCommerce store owners to build effective and targeted marketing strategies.

Omnisend Form Builder

Omnisend’s Form Builder is another popular feature that helps users create eye-catching and customizable signup forms, pop-ups, and landing pages. Integrating these forms within your WooCommerce store helps grow your email and SMS lists, resulting in more potential customers for your business.

Key advantages of Omnisend’s Form Builder include:

  • Customizable Templates: Various templates cater to different use cases, which can be adjusted to suit your brand’s identity.
  • Ease of Use: A drag-and-drop interface makes creating forms simple and efficient.
  • Integration with Automation: The forms can be easily connected to Omnisend’s marketing automation system, enabling you to engage new subscribers with welcome series campaigns automatically.

By incorporating these compelling features into your WooCommerce store, Omnisend streamlines your email and SMS marketing efforts, increasing customer engagement and sales growth. With its user-friendly tools and thorough integration capabilities, Omnisend is a powerful addition to your e-commerce marketing strategy.

Omnisend’s Key Strengths and Weaknesses

Omnisend’s Key Strengths and Weaknesses

Omnisend is a popular ecommerce marketing platform that seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, enabling users to create effective email and SMS marketing campaigns. Let’s dive into some of this WordPress plugin’s key strengths and weaknesses.


  1. Ease of use: Omnisend is known for its user-friendly dashboard, which makes navigating and managing marketing workflows simple. This enables users to establish and optimize their e-commerce marketing strategy quickly.

  2. Feature-rich: The plugin provides many features, including email and SMS marketing, automation, abandoned cart recovery, and more. Users also have access to various email templates for different use cases, making it simple to create customized email campaigns.

  3. Integrations: With its extensive support for numerous ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce, Omnisend ensures compatibility with user’s online stores.

  4. Customer support: Omnisend offers reliable customer support, ensuring users receive timely and helpful assistance when required.


  1. Limited free plan: Although Omnisend does offer a free plan, its features are pretty little compared to the premium version. Users looking to access advanced features like SMS marketing or advanced automation may need to opt for paid plans.

  2. Complexity for beginners: While Omnisend’s wide range of features may be helpful for experienced marketers, some beginners might initially find the platform overwhelming. As a result, novice users may require more time to familiarize themselves with the platform.

  3. Pricing: Although Omnisend provides a variety of plans to cater to different budgets, some users might find the pricing options to be on the higher side, especially when compared to similar marketing tools.

Omnisend is a feature-rich, user-friendly, and versatile marketing solution for WooCommerce store owners. While its pricing and complexity for beginners may deter some users, its robust set of features, integrations, and reliable customer support make it a promising choice for those looking to improve their e-commerce marketing strategy.

Review of Omnisend: The Crucial Price

Review of Omnisend: The Crucial Price

Omnisend is an all-in-one e-commerce marketing platform designed specifically for WooCommerce store owners. Its key features include email and SMS marketing, abandoned cart automation, and marketing tools to grow your online store. This section will focus on its pricing, starting with the free plan and usage benefits.

Users can access a free plan to explore the various email marketing features. Beyond that, the premium options include advanced features such as SMS marketing and marketing automation, providing an extensive toolbox to engage your target audience effectively.

When considering pricing, it’s essential to be aware of the different aspects that come with each plan. The basic packages are relatively affordable, for instance, the Hubspot WooCommerce email marketing tool’s Starter CRM costs $20 per month for 1,000 contacts, catering to smaller ecommerce stores or those with more specific needs. On the other hand, Omnisend’s Standard plan is geared towards users looking to grow their email and SMS lists, offering additional features to boost their online presence.

For WooCommerce users, the Omnisend plugin is simple to integrate into the WordPress dashboard. The plugin allows users to customize templates for different use cases, including pop-ups, embedded forms, and landing page forms—making it easier to create engaging email campaigns. The platform also includes a form builder with 70+ templates and a user-friendly email editor to design emails without hassle.

On top of these features, Omnisend scores highly in customer support, with reviews suggesting a reliable and helpful support team. In addition, the platform has a reputation for providing a robust set of tools that cater specifically to e-commerce sites, ultimately helping businesses drive better results.

Omnisend Alternatives

While Omnisend is a popular e-commerce marketing platform that offers comprehensive email and SMS marketing features, it’s essential to understand the alternatives. These alternatives can provide unique features and cater to your needs, making them worthwhile considerations. Below are some Omnisend options that provide outstanding services to help improve your WooCommerce store’s marketing potential.

Moosend is an alternative that has gained recognition for its user-friendly interface and affordable pricing plans. It offers impressive features for creating, managing, and analyzing email campaigns. Moosend is renowned for its automation plugin that helps streamline your marketing process. With its simple yet effective templates for different use cases, Moosend is a strong contender in the email marketing realm.

ActiveCampaign is another excellent email marketing tool with powerful automation features, advanced contact segmentation, and targeting. ActiveCampaign is well-known for its email automation capabilities, making it an excellent alternative for businesses looking to level up their WooCommerce email marketing game.

Klaviyo stands out in email marketing with its specialized integrations for e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce. It offers various features for online store owners, such as abandoned cart recovery, dynamic product recommendations, and sophisticated reporting. Klaviyo is often mentioned as an overall best email marketing solution for ecommerce, making it an exciting alternative to Omnisend.

Brevo is an emerging omnichannel marketing platform that integrates well with WooCommerce, providing a seamless experience for users. It offers a combination of email, SMS, and other channel marketing capabilities. Brevo’s marketing suite caters to businesses seeking a more budget-friendly alternative to Omnisend without compromising features.

Lastly, GetResponse is a well-established email marketing platform boasting advanced features such as an autofunnel, landing pages, and webinars. With its extensive templates and easy integration with WooCommerce, GetResponse is an enticing choice for those searching for an Omnisend alternative.

Remember that the ideal Omnisend alternative depends on your needs, goals, and budget. It’s wise to explore these options thoughtfully to determine the best fit for your WooCommerce store.

How Omnisend Provides Customer Support

Omnisend provides excellent customer support to meet the diverse needs of its users. This section will briefly discuss Omnisend’s customer support and compare it with competitors like Mailmodo, Klaviyo, MailerLite, and ActiveCampaign.


Mailmodo provides customer support through email, live chat, and an extensive help center. Their searchable knowledge base covers various topics, allowing users to find answers independently. Omnisend, on the other hand, offers 24/7 live chat and email support with response times under 3 minutes, making it a strong contender in customer support.


Klaviyo offers email and live chat support but restricts access to live chat support for users on a paid plan only. Omnisend stands out by offering live chat support for all customers, including those using the free plan, ensuring that everyone receives top-notch assistance.


MailerLite provides email support along with a rich knowledge base. Although they offer live chat support, it is only available for premium users. In comparison, Omnisend’s open access to 24/7 live chat support sets them apart, ensuring exceptional assistance to all their users.


ActiveCampaign provides support through email, live chat, and phone, with phone support available only for their higher-tier plan customers. Omnisend offers all users live chat and email support without restrictions, making their customer experience more accessible and efficient.

In conclusion, Omnisend stands out with its extensive and universally accessible customer support measures, including 24/7 live chat and email assistance for all users. By comparing Omnisend’s support with that of Mailmodo, Klaviyo, MailerLite, and ActiveCampaign, it is evident that Omnisend is committed to providing a superior customer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Omnisend WooCommerce Plugin?

A: The Omnisend WooCommerce Plugin is a comprehensive marketing tool designed to enhance the functionality of your WooCommerce store, with a focus on email marketing, customization, and integration.

Q: How does Omnisend support WooCommerce stores?

A: Omnisend supports WooCommerce stores by providing advanced features such as email customization, personalized recommendations, and integration tools to improve marketing efforts and customer engagement.

Q: Is Omnisend considered one of the top plugins for 2024?

A: Yes, Omnisend is considered one of the top plugins for 2024 due to its all-in-one e-commerce marketing capabilities, integration options, and email marketing tools.

Q: Can I use Omnisend for the WooCommerce email customizer?

A: Yes, Omnisend offers WooCommerce email customizer features that allow you to personalize and customize your email communications to match your brand and engage with your customers effectively.

Q: What are the benefits of using Omnisend plugins for marketing?

A: The benefits of using Omnisend plugins for marketing include better email marketing, personalized recommendations, and a wide range of tools to enhance your e-commerce marketing strategies.

Q: Does Omnisend offer a free migration package?

A: Yes, Omnisend offers a free migration package to help you seamlessly transition to their platform and easily utilize their marketing tools.

Q: How can I get 30 for premium features in Omnisend?

A: You can get 30 premium features in Omnisend by taking advantage of their promotional offers or engaging with their marketing program to unlock additional benefits for your WooCommerce store.

Final Thoughts

Omnisend has emerged as one of the best WooCommerce email marketing plugins in 2024. It is an all-in-one email and SMS marketing solution designed to cater to the unique needs of eCommerce stores. Omnisend offers many features to help store owners automate communication, increase conversions, and boost customer engagement. This plugin has become famous among WooCommerce users, and its relevance is steadily rising.

Handling email marketing campaigns for a WooCommerce store is now much easier with features like drag-and-drop email builder and pre-built templates offered by Omnisend. The integration with WooCommerce is seamless, making it highly user-friendly. The plugin provides a customizable dashboard that gives store owners quick access to vital metrics that help make data-driven decisions.

Apart from email marketing, Omnisend also excels in SMS marketing. Its powerful automation workflows and customer segmentation capabilities enable businesses to deliver personalized and targeted messages. Omnisend supports abandoned cart recovery campaigns, helping store owners to re-engage potential customers who might have left their shopping carts without completing the purchase.

The free plan offered by Omnisend is a great starting point for small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses, and the paid plans provide a range of advanced features for businesses looking to scale. Omnisend also offers a free migration package valued at $1,000 for users who opt to switch to their service using the code ONLYWOO. This allows store owners to get 30% off for three months and enjoy this feature-rich marketing platform at an affordable price.

In conclusion, Omnisend has proven itself to be a valuable solution for businesses looking to improve their email and SMS marketing game. Its ease of integration with WooCommerce, extensive features, and flexible plans make it stand out among the available plugins for eCommerce marketing. Choosing an efficient marketing plugin is essential for the growth of any online store, and Omnisend seems to be paving the way for WooCommerce users in 2024.

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